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Deutsche EuroShop 3M 2020 Quarterly Statement Conference Call Slide Presentation

Webcast of the telephone conference including the slide presentation Presenter: Wilhelm Wellner, CEO 15.05.2020, 10.00 a.m., CEST

Interview mit Olaf Borkers, CFO der Deutsche EuroShop

Dezember 2018 DES-Finanzvorstand Olaf Borkers beantwortet Fragen zu den Themen Konjunktur, Zinssensitivität, Preisentwicklung und Online-Handel. Weitere Informationen zu Olaf Borkers:

Deutsche EuroShop EPK (Electronic Press Kit)

footage, 8'48'' min, aspect ratio 16:9 (c) Copyright by Deutsche EuroShop AG


Annual earnings press & analysts conference

Patrick Kiss Patrick Kiss
On Friday 29 April 2011 we organised our annual earnings press conference in Hamburg. The Executive Board presented the audited results for the past financial year followed by an outlook for 2011/12.

The conference was attended by 15 analysts and journalists, including one TV station. The 2:02 minute report (German) is available online.

You can access the presentation of the annual earnings conference as slideshow with a German audio track here.

The English annual earnings conference call took place in the afternoon with the same presentation. It's available as slidecast (online presentation with audio track) which includes the complete Q&A session:

The presentation itself is available as download (PDF, 4.8 MB).