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Annual report 2013 photo shoot

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We just took the pictures for our annual report 2013. The whole team was "shot" by photographer Christian Schmid.

Photo Shoot


DES Analysts Mountains - Update 12/2013

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We've updated our chart which shows the quarterly development of our analysts' recommendations over the last 10 years nearly (since Q2 2004).



Comparable numbers for 9M 2013 results

author_100.jpgPatrick Kiss

To make your forecasts it may help to have the comparable numbers of 9M 2012. The Excel sheet offers a full usability. You can start with your projections right here!


The 2014 All-Europe Executive Team Polling Has Officially Opened

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Polling has officially opened for the 2014 All-Europe Executive Team, Institutional Investor’s exclusive annual ranking of the region’s best CEOs, CFOs and companies that excel at investor relations, as determined by top sell-side analysts and the world's most successful money managers.


Deutsche EuroShop Real Estate Summer 2013 in Klagenfurt/Austria

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Last week about 20 real estate professionals met in Klagenfurt/Austria to attend our 3rd Deutsche EuroShop Real Estate Summer event. The presentations are now available:

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