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DES GB2012 E

convinced of the advantages of e-mobility. Aside from support- ing the further development of the necessary technology, a cen- tral step towards promoting e-mobility is to integrate electric vehicles and charging stations into the cityscape so as to ensure nationwide coverage of charging facilities for electric cars. Developments have so far not been able to meet government and industry expectations due to the vehicles being expensive and the lack of a comprehensive charging station infrastructure. One major problem in this regard is the improbability of the more than 1,300 mostly regional energy suppliers in Germany build- ing their own network of charging stations. Such insular solu- tions would also make a cross-regional use of electric vehicles impossible. In particular, the large-cap energy suppliers would fight for inner-city locations and then only allow their own cus- tomers to use the facilities. Non-discriminating charging stations and the use of private land in the form of multi-storey car parks in highly-frequented real estate present a solution that eases the burden on cityscapes and thus enables wider acceptance of this new kind of mobility and its infrastructure. In practical terms, a non-discriminating charging station offers all customers the possibility of charging their vehicle and the energy consumed in the process is paid at the end of each month he German government wants to see a million electric vehicles on German roads by 2020. The objective is to become a leader in the area of electric mobility and to make a significant contribu- tion to protecting the climate. This can only be achieved, however, if consumers are T Electric car charging station in Billstedt Electric car charging station in the Billstedt–Center Hamburg Sustainability In September 2012, the Billstedt-Center Hamburg became the first center in our portfolio to have an electric car charging station. Multiple electric vehicles can be charged easily and at the same time while the drivers go shopping or run errands. Together with our partners ECE and mk- group, we will evaluate our experience from this project and if it proves successful extend it to other Deutsche EuroShop locations. THE CENTERS { 64 } DES ANNUAL REPORT 2012