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6. Nicolas Lissner Manager Investor & Public Relations, Deutsche EuroShop “New swimming goggles: since June 2012, I use them to go swimming twice a week for at least 1 km. And because it is a bit colder when swimming outdoors in winter, I bought a swimming cap to go with them.” 7. Alexander Crusemann Project Manager Future Labs, ECE Projektmanagement “I treated myself to a Strandkorb for the terrace. As long as you can‘t download actual sunshine with an app, the Strandkorb beats any form of virtual reality, no matter how well it‘s made, even in our norther climate.” 8. Birgit Schafer Secretary to the Executive Board, Deutsche EuroShop “I‘m happy with my purchase of a mini-trampoline for some holistic exercise that puts me in a good mood. The exercise is particularly kind to my joints and is supposed to have an anti-aging effect. And best of all: it‘s so much fun!” 9. Olaf Borkers Member of the Executive Board, Deutsche EuroShop “I bought myself a new bike this year, because mine had always been the oldest in the garage at home. As I mainly use it to go and buy bread rolls at the weekend, I de- cided against a „lightweight life- style bike“ and opted for a „solid cross touring bike with a balanced character“. And I did actually put the bike through its paces during my holiday by the Baltic Sea.” 10. Jens-Ulrich Maier Managing Director Construction, ECE Projektmanagement “I actually fulfilled myself a wish: I bought a new watch – a UNION Glashütte automatic with a date and power reserve display – in the Stern Center Potsdam last summer. I really like wearing it!” .. .. 5 6 9 8 7 10 SHOPPING What I bought in 2012 { 47 } DES ANNUAL REPORT 2012