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DES GB2012 E

10.–11.01. Oddo Midcap Forum, Lyon 04.02. Roadshow Munich, LFG KRONOS 05.02. Close Brothers Seydler Small & Mid Cap Conference, Frankfurt 21.03. Preliminary Results FY 2012 27.03. Roadshow London, Bankhaus Metzler 27.03. Roadshow Geneva, Berenberg Bank 12.04. Audit Commitee meeting, Hamburg 12.04. Bankhaus Lampe Deutschland-Konferenz, Baden-Baden 23.04. Supervisory Board meeting, Hamburg 26.04. Publication of the Annual Report 2012 29.04. Roadshow Frankfurt, Deutsche Bank 15.05. Interim report Q1 2013 29.05. Kempen & Co. European Property Seminar, Amsterdam 04.06. Roadshow Paris, Bankhaus Metzler 06.06. Roadshow Milan, Société Générale 06.–07.06. M.M. Warburg Highlights Conference, Hamburg 20.06. Annual General Meeting, Hamburg 20.06. Supervisory Board meeting, Hamburg 14.08. Interim report H1 2013 11.–12.09. Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Real Estate Conference, New York 16.09. UBS Best of Germany Conference, New York 23.09. Berenberg Bank and Goldman Sachs German Corporate Conference, Munich 25.09. Supervisory Board meeting, Hamburg 26.09. Baader Investment Conference, Munich 24.10. Roadshow Amsterdam, ABN AMRO 13.11. Nine-month report 2013 14.11. Roadshow London, Bank of America Merrill Lynch 26.11. Aufsichtsratssitzung, Hamburg 27.–28.11. Bankhaus Lampe Hamburg Investment Conference, Hamburg OUR FINANCIAL CALENDAR IS UPDATED CONTINUOUSLY. PLEASE CHECK OUR WEBSITE FOR THE LATEST EVENTS Financial calendar 2013 Financial calendar www.deutsche– SERVICE { 186 } DES ANNUAL REPORT 2012