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DES GB2012 E

Other disclosures Other disclosures 30. FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS AND RISK MANAGEMENT CARRYING AMOUNTS, VALUATIONS AND FAIR VALUES ACCORDING TO MEASUREMENT CATEGORY BALANCE SHEET AMOUNT IN LINE WITH IAS 39 MEASURE- MENT CATEGORY PURSUANT TO IAS 39 CARRYING AMOUNT 31.12.2012 AMORTISED COST COSTS FAIR VALUE RECOGNISED IN EQUITY Financial assets* Non-current financial assets AfS 30,293 15,381 14,912 Trade receivables LaR 4,738 4,738 Other assets LAR 2,188 1,698 490 Other financial investments HtM 4,335 4,335 Cash and cash equivalents LaR 167,511 167,511 Financial liabilities* Financial liabilities FLAC 1,657,234 1,657,234 Right to redeem of limited partners FLAC 284,176 284,176 Trade payables FLAC 2,331 2,331 Other liabilities FLAC 58,558 7,661 50,897 Aggregated according to measurement category pursuant to IAS 39: Loans and receivables (LaR) 174,437 173,947 490 Held to maturity (HtM) 4,335 4,335 Available for sale (AfS) 30,293 0 15,381 14,912 Financial liabilities measured at amortised cost (FLAC) 2,002,299 1,951,402 50,897 *Corresponds to level 2 of the IFRS 7 fair value hierarchy Investments measured using the equity method are reported at fair value. Any write-ups in the year under review are recognised in net profit or loss for the period. Trade receivables, other assets as well as cash and cash equivalents and other financial investments with the exception of interest rate swaps – which are recognised at present value – predominantly have short residual terms. The carry- ing amounts thus correspond to the fair value. The change in the present value of the long-term interest rate swap recognised was €130 thousand (previous year: €162 thousand) The long-term financial liabilities include obligations from convertible bonds that are measured at amortised cost using the effective interest rate method. Interest expense incurred amounted to €483 thousand and is recognised in net finance costs. Bank loans and overdrafts have short- and long-term durations and are recognised at amortised cost. The fair value for Group loans is given in the notes under item 12 “Financial liabilities”. In total, interest expense of €71,230 thou- sand (previous year: €65,761 thousand) i s included in net finance costs. € thousand CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS { 172 } DES ANNUAL REPORT 2012