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he Bijou Brigitte Group from Ham- burg specialises in fashion jewel- lery and accessories. 2013 will see it cele- brate its 50th corporate anniversary. With more than 1,160 branches in 22 countries it employs over 3,000 people. The foun- dations for this success story were laid by Friedrich-W. Werner in 1963, when he founded a trading company in his name. In 1971, he changed the name to “Bijou Brigitte”. Six years later, he introduced the branch system, which he expanded abroad in 1989, two years after the com- pany was listed on the stock exchange. In 2009, a new generation took over as the company was passed to the founder's son Roland Werner. A key part of the company's success is the unique product range of more than 9,000 articles, which gives the fashionis- tas of this world the choice of both classic basics and trendy must-haves. The com- T Schacht& Westerich or more than 180 years, Schacht & Westerich has been synony- mous with high-quality paper and writ- ing utensils in Hamburg. Behind every good tradition there is also a good story. And in this case, it starts in 1826. Conrad Schacht saved his employer's stock from a big flood and was rewarded by his grateful employer with a lottery ticket. This lottery ticket won him the substantial sum of 3,000 Courantmark. He used his winnings to found his own paper business under the name “Conrad Schacht” in a small shop on the Brod- schangen street in Hamburg's old town. Following his death, the shop was taken over by Adolph Wes- terich, who rebuilt it after it was damaged in the big fire of 1842 and changed its name to “Schacht & Westerich”. To this day, the name Schacht & Westerich stands for exquisite paper and stationery. Goods range from elegant leather accesso- ries, photo albums and selected gift items to beautiful wrapping material as well as the classical selection of stationery, office supplies and desk accessories. It has long been one of the top addresses in Hamburg for exclusive stationery, not least because Schacht & Westerich puts particular emphasis on service. Its competent, helpful, reliable and skilled staff are always happy to provide customers with advice. This tradition may come with a certain responsibility but it also moves with the times: in addition to its 6 branches in Hamburg, Bremen and Hanover, Schacht & Westerich is also available to customers throughout Germany 24 hours a day via its online shop. Schacht & Westerich, located in and around Hamburg at the Phoenix-Center pany's offering is rounded off by a large collection of fashion accessories, including scarves, bags and sunglasses, as well as a line of selected real silver products. The decision on what goes into the product range is based on the following key factors: devel- opments in the world of fashion, client demand and the company's aim to be a market leader in terms of quality. Throughout 2013, fashion-conscious Bijou Brigitte customers can expect several anniversary collec- tions, special promotions in the branches and the odd surprise. Bijou Brigitte, located in and around Hamburg at the Phoenix-Center, the Herold-Center and the Billstedt- Center Bijou Brigitte F { 59 } DES ANNUAL REPORT 2012