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DES GB2012 E

When we are designing our locations, one factor that always receives special attention is the architecture: specific plot requirements are just as important as the functional needs of our tenants. We also have a responsibility to the city that we are keen to fulfil. The shopping centers should blend in with their surroundings as much as possible, while also having an exterior that meets the requirements of modern architecture. We work on this very closely with the relevant local authorities. The out- come is often an architectural gem, where even historical build- ings can be carefully integrated into the center if possible, as is the case, for example, with the listed Kreishaus building, which is now part of the Stadt-Galerie in Hameln. Our shopping centers also need to be impressive inside so that visitors and customers enjoy shopping there, first and foremost, and find them a pleasant place to be. To achieve this, we adopt a simple and timeless architecture that makes use of premium materials. Quiet rest areas and fountains invite people to take a moment to relax, innovative lighting concepts create the right atmosphere in the mall to suit the time of day, and state-of-the-art The tenant structure at each of our 20 properties is the result of a long and intensive process that is about specifi- cally complementing the offering of the city centre in question. Our goal remains always to work with traders in the neigh- bourhood to make the entire location more attractive so that everyone can ben- efit from the increased appeal of the city centre as a whole. Our centers often play an active role in marketing and manag- ing the city concerned, both financially and from the perspective of creative and personnel input. We are always keen to work with others in a spirit of fairness and partnership. THE CENTERS { 50 } DES ANNUAL REPORT 2012 Portfolio