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DES GB2012 E

Summary The results of the multichannel study and initial expe- riences with the “Future Labs” demonstrate one thing very clearly: that shopping centers provide the best con- ditions for the beneficial aspects of the online world to be transferred to a unique and special offline world. By intelligently linking the opportunities that present them- selves, customers can enjoy an inspirational shopping experience in the real world of the shopping center, which they won‘t find in the Internet. Shoppers wishing to share their location with their social net- work can log into Facebook at the “Social Check-in” terminal. They can also use “Photobuzzer” to shoot a portrait photo and post it on the shopping center‘s Facebook page or the “Mall Wal”. The test center also offers WLAN access: users register and receive an access code via SMS. And if after all these activities the batteries of shoppers‘ smartphones or tablets start to run low, they can simply recharge them up at the charging station. Besides working on all these technical innovations, the ECE remains active in the “real world”, continually enhancing its ser- vice portfolio. For example, so-called XXL parking spaces have been set up in both test centers to accommodate car drivers who need more room to park and load or unload their vehicles. 7 SHOPPING Future labs { 35 } DES ANNUAL REPORT 2012