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Paperback: 187 pages Publisher: Dtv (1 November 2000) Language: German ISBN-13: 978-3423128391 THE DISCOVERY OF THE CURRYWURST by Uwe Timm Reminiscing about his childhood, the narrator sets off in his search for the former owner of a snackbar in the Hamburger Großneumarkt. He tracks down the extremely elderly Lena Brü- cker to an old people's home and listens to her tell her story of the "most wonderful years of her life" and of how she dis- covered the currywurst. Her story starts way back in the last days of April in 1945. Bound: 784 pages Publisher: Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag Edition: 22 (10 June 2008) Language: German ISBN-13: 978-3596259618 Taschenbuch: 416 pages Publisher: Diogenes (August 2004) Language: German ISBN-13: 978-3257234169 DIE BERTINIS by Ralph Giordano A large-scale family saga that spans generations, an exemp- lary contemporary novel. Ralph Giordano creates an epic out of a story that had hitherto attracted little attention: he tells the story of the fate of "Jewish crossbreeds" during the period of National Socialism. The prehistory starts at the end of the last century, with the main story starting prior to 1933 and continu- ing into the first post-war years. Its location: Hamburg – from the Elbe suburbs to its Central Park, from Barmbek in the north to the port in the south, with unforgettable figures, scenes and situations woven into the dramatic story. RIPLEY'S GAME OR THE AMERICAN FRIEND by Patricia Highsmith The Mafia's attempts to gain a foothold in Hamburg must be prevented. The search starts for a man who will kill two wpeople in exchange for a lot of money. Tom Ripley has just the person in mind… Hamburg as a location for novels and films Books SHOPPING { 30 } DES ANNUAL REPORT 2012