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JAMES BOND 007 – TOMORROW NEVER DIES Power-hungry media baron Elliot Carver has a macabre hobby: He prefabricates news, which he himself publishes in his newspaper "Tomorrow". He is now willing to go to all lengths to capture the profitable Chinese market. The insane Carver then tries to provoke a devastating World War III by means of a sub- marine that cannot be picked up by radar. British super agent James Bond tries to stop the scrupulous media baron and gains entrance to Carver's newspaper headquarters in Hamburg. Cast: Adam Bousdoukos, Moritz Bleibtreu, Birol Ünel, Pheline Roggan, Lucas Gregorowicz Director: Fatih Akin Date of release: 25 August 2010 Year of production: 2009 SOUL KITCHEN Bar owner Zinos is plagued by bad luck: first his girlfriend Nadine takes a new job in Shanghai, then he suffers a slip- ped disk. When he takes on the eccentric top chef Shayn in desperation, even his few regulars stop coming to his bar. And to top it all off, his petty criminal brother Illias turns up and asks him for help. While Zinos considers how he can get rid of his bar so he can follow Nadine to China, his music and an outlandish menu start to draw an increasing number of trendy figures. The "Soul Kitchen" rocks and booms like never before. But then things start to happen thick and fast. Cast: Pierce Brosnan, Jonathan Pryce, Michelle Yeoh Director: Roger Spottiswoode Studio: MGM Home Entertainment GmbH (German) Year of production: 1998 Current cast: Jan Fedder Dirk Matthies Maria Ketikidou Saskia Fischer Year(s) of production: since 1986 Production company: Studio Hamburg First showing: 16December 1986 on Das Erste GROSSSTADTREVIER The German television series Großstadtrevier has achieved cult status. 26 series have been produced since its first showing on 16 December 1986. The story revolves around the police officers of the 14th precinct and their fictitious working day in Hamburg's red-light area. Großstadtrevier won a Golden Camera award in 2005. Films & Series SHOPPING Hamburg as a location for novels and films { 31 } DES ANNUAL REPORT 2012