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where they will find many owner-managed specialised shops, such as the Kaffeerösterei Burg, which has been in business since 1923, as well as charming cafés and restaurants. Eppendorf is Hamburg‘s oldest village and was first menti- oned as Eppenthorp in 1140. For several centuries of the last millennium, this village was owned by a Protestant foundation before it was transferred to Hamburg‘s administration in 1832. hile in the hands of the foundation, Eppendorf was a sta- ging ground for several military conflicts and was repea- tedly seized by Swedish and Danish troops before being occu- pied by Napoleon‘s troops and freed by the Russians in 1814. In the 19th century, Eppendorf gained popularity among the aff- luent citizens of Hamburg who came here to build their country houses. In 1879, when the hospitals in Hamburg could no longer take in all the sick, many of which were suffering from epidemics like cholera, a new, modern hospital was built on the unoccupied land outside Eppendorf. Today, this is the Hamburg-Eppendorf university hospital. New knowledge of how to avoid the sprea- ding of diseases led to patients being put into separate pavili- ons rather than the large rooms common in earlier hospitals. Today, it houses more than 80 clinics, polyclinics and institutes and employs around 2,250 doctors, making it one of Germany‘s biggest hospitals. Eppendorf is one of the most desirable parts of Hamburg and especially popular with families. But the high demand for apart- ments in its Jugendstil houses has pushed up prices and so it is not a coincidence that Eppendorf is the home of choice for many celebrities. Famous faces such as Olli Dittrich, Harry Rowohlt, Sylvie van der Vaart and Ulrich Wickert can go to the supermar- ket or the bakery here without attracting too much attention. Avid shoppers can enjoy a browse through the area between Eppen- dorfer Baum, Eppendorfer Landstraße and Eppendorfer Weg, Eppendorf is one of the most desira- ble parts of Ham- burg and especially popular with fami- lies. But the high demand for apart- ments in its Jugend- stil houses has pushed up prices Eppendorf Nicolas Lissner, Manager Investor & Public Relations W Recommended book: Das große Hamburg Buch (in German only) Hardback edition, 1199 pages, 49,95 Publisher: Hamburger Abendblatt ISBN-10: 3863701100 DES ANNUAL REPORT 2012