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DES GB2012 E

1. Kirsten Kaiser Head of Accounting, Deutsche EuroShop “We needed a new couch. And it goes without saying that the one we bought is so comfortable that I have no problems spending a very long night on it watching tennis on the television. With matching cushions of course!” 2. Rolf Burkl Senior Research Consultant, Technology, Consumer Experiences, GfK Marktforschung “I bought myself a digital single lens reflex camera as my old digi- tal compact camera was long past its best. I hope it will give me more motivation to take photos than in the past. And the quality of the photos is much better, of course.” 3. Patrick Kiss Head of Investor & Public Relations, Deutsche EuroShop “In 2012, I invested in human capi- tal: my own body. Not through cosmetic surgery but by running. I went to a sports shop, which used a video analysis to show me which running shoes would suit me best: Brooks Trance. You can‘t do some- thing like this online. I now feel a lot fitter – and lighter.” 4. Claus-Matthias Boge CEO, Deutsche EuroShop “My purchase of the year was undoubtedly my iPad. I use it nearly every day. Not for online shopping, but to read the morn- ing‘s newspaper in the evening, to quickly look something up on the Internet or to answer my e-mails. And when I‘m on the go and take pictures with my iPhone, they‘re all automatically uploaded to my iPad. Simply ingenious.” 5. Henrie W. Kotter Managing Director Center Management, ECE Projektmanagement “I bought a small, remote-controlled helicopter at a stand in the Alstertal Shopping Center – hours of fun for less than 20 Euro.” What I bought in 2012 .. .. .. 1 3 44 2 SHOPPING { 46 } DES ANNUAL REPORT 2012 What I bought in 2012