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DES GB2012 E

Notes to the Consolidated income statement 25. INCOME FROM EQUITY-ACCOUNTED ASSOCIATES 2012 2011 Profit/loss from equity-accounted associates -589 270 This includes the share in the profits/losses of smaller property companies that are included in the consolidated finan- cial statements in accordance with the equity method. 26. PROFIT/LOSS ATTRIBUTABLE TO LIMITED PARTNERS 2012 2011 Profit/loss attributable to limited partners -15,271 -15,730 27. MEASUREMENT GAIN/LOSS 2012 2011 Unrealised changes in fair value 31,079 54,302 Profit/loss attributable to limited partners -18,675 -11,866 Ancillary acquisitions costs -9,198 -176 Excess of identified net assets acquired over cost of acquisition in accordance with IFRS 3 and increased shareholdings 5,289 7,888 8,495 50,148 Ancillary acquisition costs relate to the acquisition of the Herold-Center Norderstedt. The excess of net assets acquired over cost of acquisition in accordance with IFRS 3 primarily results from the approach used for the Herold-Center which was recognised at market value in accordance with IAS 40 and the increase in the shareholding in our properties in Dessau, Hamm and Viernheim. 28. INCOME TAX EXPENSE 2012 2011 Current tax expense -8,589 -3,372 Deferred tax liabilities – domestic companies 28,791 -33,329 Deferred tax liabilities – foreign companies -1,246 -972 18,956 -37,673 In measuring deferred taxes, the tax rates applicable in accordance with IAS 12 are those valid under current legislation at the date at which the temporary differences will probably reverse. In 2012, a corporate tax rate of 15% was used for the companies in Germany. In addition, a solidarity surcharge of 5.5% on the calculated corporation tax and, in part, 16.45% in trade tax were recognised. The respective local tax rates were applied for foreign companies. Taxes on income and earnings include the reversal of latent trade tax liabilities in the amount of €49.3 million in deferred trade tax liabilities which had been formed in previous years. € thousand € thousand € thousand Total € thousand Total CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS { 168 } DES ANNUAL REPORT 2012