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DES GB2012 E

KARIN DOHM DR. JÖRN KREKE ALEXANDER OTTO Born: 1972 1940 1967 Place of residence: Kronberg im Taunus Hagen/Westphalia Hamburg Nationality: German German German End of appointment: 2017 Annual General Meeting 2013 Annual General Meeting 2013 Annual General Meeting Committee activities: Chairwoman of the Audit Committee/ Financial Expert – – Membership of other statutory supervisory boards – Capital Stage AG, Hamburg DOUGLAS HOLDING AG, Hagen/West- phalia (Chairman) Verwaltungsgesellschaft Otto mbH, Hamburg Membership of compa- rable supervisory bodies of business enterprises in Germany or other countries: – Kalorimeta AG&Co. KG, Hamburg Urbana Gruppe, Hamburg Peek&Cloppenburg KG, Düsseldorf Profession: Chief Accounting Officer, Head of Group External Reporting, Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt Businessman CEO, Verwaltung ECE Projektmanage- ment G.m.b.H., Hamburg Key positions held: 1991–1997: Studied business and economics in Münster, Zaragoza (Spain) and Berlin 2002: Steuerberaterexamen (German tax advisor exam) 2005: Wirtschaftsprüferexamen (German auditor exam) 1997–2010: Deloitte&Touche GmbH, Berlin, London (UK), Paris (France) 2010–2011: Deloitte&Touche GmbH, Berlin, Partner Financial Services since 2011: Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt, Chief Accounting Officer, Head of Group External Reporting Studied in the USA, Doctorate from the University of Frankfurt 1963 until today: DOUGLAS HOLDING AG, Hagen/Westphalia (previously Rudolf Hussel Süßwaren AG) of which: 1963–1969: Assistant to the Management Board 1969–2001: Chairman of the Executive Board seit 2001: Chairman of the Supervisory Board Studied at Harvard University and Harvard Business School, Cambridge, USA 1994 until today: Verwaltung ECE Projekt- management G.m.b.H., Hamburg since 2000: Chief Executive Officer Relationship to majority/ major shareholders: none none Major shareholder Deutsche EuroShop securities held as at 31 December 2012: 0 0 5,136,390 Name Members of the Supervisory Board – Continuation DES ANNUAL REPORT 2012 { 18 } Report of the Supervisory Board