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Deutsche EuroShop 9M 2019 Quarterly Statement Conference Call Slide Presentation

Webcast of the telephone conference including the slide presentation Presenter: Wilhelm Wellner, CEO 14.11.2019, 9.00 a.m., CET

Interview mit Olaf Borkers, CFO der Deutsche EuroShop

Dezember 2018 DES-Finanzvorstand Olaf Borkers beantwortet Fragen zu den Themen Konjunktur, Zinssensitivität, Preisentwicklung und Online-Handel. Weitere Informationen zu Olaf Borkers:

Deutsche EuroShop EPK (Electronic Press Kit)

footage, 8'48'' min, aspect ratio 16:9 (c) Copyright by Deutsche EuroShop AG

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Attendance at Deutsche EuroShop's Annual General Meetings

It started weak: in 2001 - Deutsche EuroShop was public for just five months - only 37% of the Company's share capital was represented in DES' first AGM as listed company. In 2002 we saw the other extreme with 88%.

Attendance at Deutsche EuroShop's Annual General Meetings

For some years now it seems to normalise: around 57% of the Company's share capital was represented on average in the last eight years in our annual shareholders' meetings.


AGM ahead - get your questions answered

The Annual General Meeting of Deutsche EuroShop AG will take place on Thursday, 16 June 2011, at 10:00 a.m. CEST in the Handwerkskammer Hamburg, Holstenwall 12, D-20355 Hamburg.


Volcanic No Show

Even if you plan your roadshows and conferences months in advance you are not immune against vis major such as eruptions of a volcano.

2010 it was Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland which erupted from April until October and influenced the air travel in Europe for weeks.

This year another Icelandic volcano disturbs (not only) the roadshow activities of many European companies: Grímsvötn.

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Additional information to the Q1 2011 results

We published our Q1 2011 results this morning. Surprisingly we get the most questions about the time of our conference call - but there won't be any!


Comparable numbers for Q1 results

To make your forecasts it may help to have the comparable numbers of Q1 2010.
The Excel sheet offers a full usability. You can start with your projections right here!