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We have finalised our plan for roadshows and conference participations in 2012. You can find the first agreed events by clicking here.

As we aggregated dates and invitations it occurred to us that this collection may be of interest for other IR colleagues, investors, analysts, sales et al of the European real estate sector. Therefore we make the calendar available for everyone:

Calendar 2012 

Click here to download the European Real Estate Calendar 2012 (PDF, 98 KB) as of 19.12.2011.

PS: We only ask one thing of Baader Bank, Berenberg Bank, Goldman Sachs and Unicredit - please find a solution for the "problem" in Munich end of September. We seem to have a new financial metropolis in Germany...

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29.02.2012 10:05
Patrick Kiss

Interesting report on Bloomberg-TV: http://bloom.bg/z4bwDm#ooid=ZiY3ZsMzrbqUyWmYxyjX13zlGDA_ib4G
and article "Goldman Fights for Prized Oktoberfest Conference": http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-02-26/goldman-fights-unicredit-for-prized-oktoberfest-conference-slot.html

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