Sustainability (ESG)


Environment, Social and Governance (ESG)

Climate protection is a top priority for Deutsche EuroShop. We firmly believe that sustainability and profitability are not mutually exclusive. Neither are the shopping experience and environmental awareness. Long-term thinking is part of our strategy. This includes playing our part in environmental protection.

In addition, Deutsche EuroShop has for many years supported a range of local and regional activities that take place in our shopping centers in the areas of the environment, society and the economy.

We are currently working on expanding the sustainability strategy for Deutsche EuroShop and our shopping centers and are prepared to make the necessary investment. And of course we are subjecting ourselves to measurement: the Executive Board compensation system adopted at the Annual General Meeting 2021 includes ESG targets whose achievement is linked to financial incentives.

Our ESG Report 2021 is a first step towards even more transparent reporting on environmental, social and governance practices, which we intend to use in future to document our sustainability performance and progress.


Please click here for our ESG-Report 2021 (3.9 MB PDF file).