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We published our Q1 2011 results this morning. Surprisingly we get the most questions about the time of our conference call - but there won't be any!

Other questions & answers:

  • What is the latest NAV?
    The last valuation was done end of 2010 and the NAV per share was 26.16. If you applies the same calculation method with the numbers from the balance sheet you'll end up with 26.64 per share.

    Total equity

    1,270,543 thousand

    + Deferred tax liabilities

      105,124 thousand


    1,375,667 thousand

    / number of shares


    NAV per share


  • What was the like-for-like turnover development of DES' tenants?
    Germany -3.2%, incl. Austria, Hungary and Poland: -2.9%
    comparison: German retail overall: -1.6%
    DES' like-for-like revenue: +1.3%

  • Is the gearing really 107%?
    We apologise for this mistake. In fact the gearing is unchanged compared to 31 Dec. 2010 and amounts to 94%.

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