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AT CITY-POINT KASSEL Food Point ity-Point Kassel now boasts an additional attraction: after near- ly four months of building works, its Food Point – Kassel’s first food court and a new culinary meeting place – was opened on 28 Novem- ber 2015. This new dining space with an area of 1,200m² was created on the third floor. A seating area with space for around 200 people is surrounded by nine tenant outlets, offering a broad choice of cuisine. With Thai food, pizza, chicken from KFC, Indian food, Dutch chips, burgers, Chinese cui- sine, filled baguettes and kebabs to choose from, there is something for every palate. Individuals and groups are equally catered for. Each guest picks out their own menu, then groups can reassemble to eat together and enjoy the cool yet congenial surroundings, with views of the spectacular atrium with its futuristic escalators. We have invested around €4.5 million in Food Point and are pleased with its reception to date. It has also been very well received by new customers who are now spending their lunch breaks in the center or are choosing the center on account of the quality of its food offering. Food Point has materially improved the quality of visits for everyone using the center. What is more, visitors are coming in droves not just to eat: the opening of Food Point gives guests access to the very first balcony at City-Point, overlooking Untere Königsstraße and offering them views of the scenery surrounding Kassel. In good weather there is of course also the option of picking up something delicious to enjoy in the open air. C CENTER 68 Deutsche EuroShop AG Annual Report 2015

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