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Experiencing history in Hameln Visitors to the Stadt-Galerie Hameln between 30  April and 9 May were able to embark on a journey through history. During this period, many museums in the region put various valuable exhibits from their collections on show at the center. The in- tention was to inspire a love of history and also of course to at- tract visitors to the “Museen des Landkreises Hameln-Pyrmont” group of museums. Museum vol- unteers were on hand on various days to bring the eventful histo- ry of the region to life in person- al conversations with visitors and give them deeper insights into how the people of Hameln used to live. Given that these days mu- seums are not just about learn- ing, looking and marvelling, but also about actively engaging and trying things for oneself, there was a varied programme of ac- tivities for young time travellers in particular. www.stadt- 40 years of Hamm at the Allee-Center On 1 January 1975, the towns of Bockum-Hövel, Hamm and Heessen and the municipalities of Pelkum, Rhynern and Uentrop were incorpo- rated to form a new autonomous city. That effectively marked the birth of Hamm as we know it today. Despite its youth, much has happened here! Growing together, a departure from mining, structural change and transitioning into a university town are just some of the stages it has gone through. The Allee-Center marked the city’s ruby anniversary with a major week of activities from 7 to 12 September, under the ban- ner “Welcome to Hamm!” Various activities at the center commemorat- ed significant events and people, who were shown from a fresh angle, along with some of the city’s landmarks. The photoreceptor cells of the retina are the key to vision: rods (light-dark contrast) and cones (colours). Exciting exhibits in glass cases awaken interest in history. Particularly in vogue at the moment: T-shirts bearing the slogan “Echte Hammerin” CENTER 59

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