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SHOPPING A riot of colour 10 psycho- logical facts about colours Would it have occurred to you that some colours make us more creative, while others make us appear more attractive? The truth is that red, blue, black or white have a significant impact on our everyday lives. Here are ten psy- chological facts about colours. Blue fosters creativity This was the conclusion reached by Ravi Mehta and Rui Zhu from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver in their 2009 study. In a series of six experiments, more than 600 volunteers were asked to complete various tasks on a computer screen. Sometimes the back- ground was blue, sometimes red and sometimes white. While the red background improved performance for detailed tasks such as proof- reading, the colour blue increased creativity. A possible explanation: we associate the colour red with warning signals, such as traffic lights, and so red makes us take more note of details. Blue makes us think of things like the sky and water and, by association, of freedom and open- ness – the sort of thoughts that promote creativity. 1 30 Deutsche EuroShop AG Annual Report 2015

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