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DES GB2015 Englisch

30. EARNINGS PER SHARE 2015 2014 Group shareholders’ portion of profits/ losses (€ thousand) 309,282 177,426 Weighted number of no-par value shares issued 53,945,536 53,945,536 Basic earnings per share (€) 5.73 3.29 Group shareholders’ portion of profits/ losses (€ thousand) 309,282 177,426 Adjustment of interest expense for the convertible bond (€ thousand) 2,152 2,152 Profits/losses used to calculate the diluted earnings per share (€ thousand) 311,434 179,578 Weighted number of no-par value shares issued 53,945,536 53,945,536 Weighted adjustment of potentially convertible no-par value shares 3,114,317 3,014,439 Average weighted number of shares used to determine the diluted earnings per share 57,059,853 56,959,975 Diluted earnings per share (€) 5.46 3.15 Basic earnings per share: Basic earnings per share are determined by dividing the net income for the period to which shareholders of Deutsche EuroShop AG are en- titled by the weighted average number of shares outstanding within the reporting period. Diluted earnings per share: The diluted earnings are calculated by taking the average number of shares outstanding and adding the number of warrants granted in con- nection with the convertible bond. 3.2 million warrants existed during the year under review. Due to the fact that the convertible bond was issued mid-year, the warrants issued in connection with the convert- ible bond were recognised on a pro rata basis in 2012. It is anticipat- ed that the convertible bonds will be exchanged for shares in full. The profits/losses will be adjusted accordingly for interest expense and tax effects. OTHER FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS There are other financial obligations of €56.7 million arising from ser- vice contracts (previous year: €68.0 million). There are financial obligations of €15.1 million which will arise in 2016 in connection with investment measures in our shopping centers. OTHER DISCLOSURES An average of four (previous year: four) staff members were employed in the Group during the financial year. EVENTS AFTER THE BALANCE SHEET DATE No further significant events occurred between the balance sheet date and the date of preparation of the financial statements. THE SUPERVISORY BOARD AND EXECUTIVE BOARD SUPERVISORY BOARD a) Membership of other statutory supervisory boards b) Membership of comparable supervisory bodies of business enterprises in Germany or other countries Manfred Zaß, Königstein/Ts., Chairman (until 18 June 2015) Banker Reiner Strecker, Wuppertal, Chairman (Chairman since 18 June 2015) Personally liable partner, Vorwerk & Co. KG, Wuppertal b) akf Bank GmbH & Co. KG, Wuppertal Karin Dohm, Kronberg/Ts., Deputy Chairman (Deputy Chairman since 18 June 2015) Global Head of Group Structuring, Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt a) Deutsche Bank Luxembourg S.A., Luxembourg (until 10 December 2015) Thomas Armbrust, Reinbek Member of Management of CURA Vermögensverwaltung G.m.b.H., Hamburg a) Platinum AG, Hamburg (Chairman) TransConnect Unternehmensberatungs- und Beteiligungs AG, Munich (Chairman) Paramount Group Inc. New York, NY, USA b) ECE Projektmanagement G.m.b.H. & Co. KG, Hamburg (Chairman) Verwaltungsgesellschaft Otto mbH, Hamburg 172 Deutsche EuroShop AG Annual Report 2015 CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS losses (€ thousand) 309,282177,426 issued 53,945,53653,945,536 share (€) 5.733.29 losses (€ thousand) 309,282177,426 (€ thousand) 2,1522,152 (€ thousand) 311,434179,578 issued 53,945,53653,945,536 value shares 3,114,3173,014,439 per share 57,059,85356,959,975 per share (€) 5.463.15

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