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There is a desire for new dining concepts The quality of the gastronomic of- ferings is another key factor for consumers. In all, 67% of visitors to shopping centers said that they had eaten something there within the last 12 months. However, only 7% of them described the food as “excellent”. In other words, what counts is not merely that a shop- ping center offers dining opportu- nities, but above all what the qual- ity is like. Confectionary Kreutzkamm, Altmarkt-Galerie, Dresden 45% of respondents, for instance, expressed a desire for a wider range of healthy options or organic foods. In addition, 34% said that they would like new, independent restaurant concepts. Consumers are demonstrat- ing increased differentiation and discernment in their expectations of a high-quality shopping center and are demanding a truly enjoyable shopping and sensory experience. With that in mind, operators and owners will have to do more in future than merely offer consumers centers full of top brands. Instead, they will need to incorporate expan- sive food courts, for instance, to extend the shopping center experience to the food offering. CENTER 65

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