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It is precisely this factor that dis- tinguishes our shopping centers from the traditional shopping street which, even today, gener- ally offers only rigid floor plans that have to be accepted the way they are. In some cases, certain retailers wait to enter the market in a city until they are offered the right space in a shopping center because their search in the tradi- tional pedestrian zone has prov- en unsuccessful. The whole of the retail sector in the city center ulti- mately benefits from the resulting increased diversity. 165 million visitors in one year More than 18 million people live in the catchment areas of our shopping centers, over 16 million of them in Germany. Theoretically, this gives us access to 20% of the German population. A location’s catchment area is a major factor for us when it comes to selecting an investment: this is ascertained at regular intervals according to standardised rules for all shop- ping centers and represents the total number of potential cus- tomers for the location in ques- tion. In 2015 we welcomed a total of around 165 million visitors to our 19 properties. Our top 10 tenants With a share of 4.5%, the Metro Group is our biggest tenant. It is one of the biggest international retailers and is represented in a large number of our centers by its retail brands Media Markt and Saturn (consumer electronics) and Real-SB-Warenhaus. In second place is the Swedish fashion group H&M, which is one of the world’s leading retailers. It accounts for 3.4% of our total rental volume. Our rental contract portfolio is highly diversified: our top 10 ten- ants are responsible for just under a quarter of our rental income, which shows that there is no dependency on individual tenants. Total of the top 10 tenants 21.7% 78.3 Other tenants 2.1 Douglas 1.8 Deichmann 1.5 C&A 1.6 REWE 1.2 Inditex 1.2 Esprit 2.1 Peek & Cloppenburg 3.4 H&M 4.5 Metro Group 2.3 New Yorker The ten largest tenants Share of rental income in % As at: 31 December 2015 Elaborate lighting technology and high-quality shop design concepts. CENTER 54 Deutsche EuroShop AG Annual Report 2015

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