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SHOPPING Perception of quality and the backdrop count, not the price Undoubtedly the most famous example of how to breathe completely new life into a large, fatigued market is Starbucks. Howard Schultz started an international revolution in coffee, and since then coffee bars have constituted a complete premium segment, offering all provid- ers massive new sales opportunities, especially in the quick-service world. Since then, we have seen a shift in the entire product category: from standard to lifestyle, from a hot drink to a lifestyle product. The package of innovations includes artistic product presentation, new worlds of taste, new drink events, increasing individualism, heightened emotions, and the incredible innovation: coffee to go. Yes, today's consumers pay twice as much for a speciality coffee as for the simple version, but they receive so much more in return than just a hot drink, namely, a gourmet experience. Perception of quality and the backdrop count first and foremost, not the price. What we learned 10–15 years ago with Starbucks has had a far-reaching effect. New offerings have stolen market share from “From Standard to Lifestyle, From a hot drink to a lifestyle product” 35

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