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Something for all tastes Surveys show that the food and drink offering is an increasingly important consideration for cus- tomers when choosing whether to visit a center. This is just one of the reasons why we want to of- fer our visitors something special on the gastronomic front: cafés, fast-food restaurants, ice-cream parlours, etc. offer a chance for refreshment and revitalisation while shopping. The Phoenix- Center in Hamburg-Harburg, the City-Point in Kassel and the Gale- ria Baltycka in Gdansk have their own food courts, offering seating and a wide variety of cuisines to a large number of diners. Friends or families can choose to eat from different outlets while still sitting together. Focus on fashion The fashion industry dominates our retail mix with over 50%. The strength in fashion of our centers is confirmed time and again in customer surveys. It is one rea- son why customers are willing to travel sometimes long distances from the surrounding area to en- joy the wide selection and quality of the service. The individual tenant mix provides each of our centers with a charac- ter all of its own. In our shopping centers, we always make sure that there is a healthy blend of regional and local traders as well as na- tional and international chain stores. This contrasts starkly with the main shopping streets, where, according to studies in Germany, chain stores occupy over 90% of the retail space in some cases. The small- scale structure of our centers offers visitors something different each time and the opportunity to satisfy a vast range of consumer needs. 51.5 Clothing 1.5 Service providers 4.3 Food and restaurants Department stores 10.7 Groceries 6.7 Health products sector 5.9 Hardware/ electronics 19.4 Retail mix in % of space As at: 31 December 2015 Whether German, Italian or Asian cuisine, there’s something for everyone. Benefiting offline from the Internet Retail has always involved change. And the Internet has with- out doubt accelerated the pace of this process in recent years. We want to bring together the best of both worlds in our centers, of- fline and online, and showcase the strengths of our tenants: atmos- phere, services, fitting rooms, im- mediate availability of merchan- dise. It is not for nothing that more and more online-only retailers are learning that pure branding mostly takes place offline and that direct and personal contact with customers is often a pre- requisite for subsequent online purchases. Multichannel marketing – in which our tenants combine dif- ferent communication and distri- bution channels – is also having an impact. For example, products that are out of stock in a store in the required size or colour can be CENTER 56 Deutsche EuroShop AG Annual Report 2015

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