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DES GB2015 Englisch

Visitors should feel happy and comfortable with us – whatever their age. It goes without saying that our centers are designed for multi-generational use. Wide malls, escalators and lifts make it possible to easily explore every corner of the center, even with pushchairs or wheelchairs. Play areas are provided for our small- est visitors. Massage chairs are available for a small fee, pro- viding a relaxing break from shopping. Greenery and rest zones, such as those in Hameln’s Stadt-Galerie, invite people to take a moment to relax. Sustainable business All our German centers have been operating on certified green elec- tricity since 2011. Our foreign properties are in the process of being switched to energy from renewable sources. We also want to contin- uously reduce the overall energy consumption of our properties and in so doing cut CO2 emissions. To achieve this aim, we use ultramod- ern technologies, such as heat exchangers and LED lighting systems. We constantly seek dialogue with our rental partners with the aim of working together to reduce energy consumption in the individual shops. Flexibility is the guarantee of tomorrow’s success Retail is driven by constant change. One particular challenge we face as the lessor is to be able to meet the frequently changing requirements and needs of our tenants. Some tenants significantly ex- pand their retail spaces so they can convert the shop from purely a retail area into a true experi- ence arena. The idea is to give customers more opportunities to take the time to try out and experience the product on site. Ever more intensive consulta- tion is also part of this. The role all these factors play is growing steadily, particularly in the age of increasing online shopping. We provide customised solutions to meet the demand for ever more varied spaces. We can offer all tenants the exact floor plan they need to make their concepts a reality in our centers and are also able to respond if a tenant wants to make changes to an existing retail space later on. Moving the internal walls makes it possible to adapt virtually any retail space – to make it bigger or smaller – without major effort or expense. If a tenant wants to make a space smaller, this can, for example, create an opportu- nity to bring a new concept to the center at this site. CENTER 53

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