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DES GB2015 Englisch

Water Earth Wind The 3D box – art in architecture If you’d visited the Phoenix-Center while the work on extending it and building the food court was going on, you could have expe- rienced a highly interesting art project for real. Frederike Wouters and her partner Roberto Carlos were busy painting dustproof boxes intended to protect visitors against dust and noise, with spectacular 3D images. There were five images, designed exclu- sively for the Phoenix-Center and depicting the four elements – fire, water, earth and air – with a fifth combining all four of them together. The artists, who had already worked on the world’s larg- est street art project in Florida, took up to a fortnight to produce each work of art. Visitors found the tricks they played with per- spective fascinating. But watching the artists working, some of the time tethered to cables, was spectacular enough on its own. CENTER 49

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