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SHOPPING established names, but at the same time the entire market has become so much bigger and more profitable for everyone. Precisely these trends can now be seen in the boom in gourmet burgers and craft beer. The product's new sexiness and heightened experience for the consumer entail a major chal- lenge for all existing providers, but at the same time pump new energy into longstanding prod- ucts and well-known markets. Consumer behaviour is changing The markets have drawn some key lessons from these changes. The biggest is probably that there would be no gourmet markets with- out the mass markets. The gourmet markets are rooted in consum- ers' longstanding, customary behaviour patterns. This means that the next generation of entrepreneurs don't have to start from scratch and teach their clients everything they need to know. The message they can spread is that products are now significantly better, more sophisticated, more individual, more artisanal, more appealing. Consumption patterns are changing: from living standard to lifestyle. The mass market will always be there, but a new category is emerging with typically differ- ent entrepreneurs, whose offering is seen as better quality. This is a move from fast food to fast casual, to more value creation for the sector with greater appreciation by our guests. This represents an enormous opportunity for us all. Given all the innovations in the markets that are already there and still to come, it's worth having a look at typical start-ups. Young business founders 10 to 15 years ago – with or without a university degree – typically opened coffee bars, as that was what they were com- mitted to. Today the trend is not so much for coffee bars as for gourmet burger bars, which are shooting up like mushrooms. The owners are often trained chefs with an immense passion for ensuring the culi- nary perfection of their favourite dish. In keeping with the times, they boost their sales with social networks – a means of underlining their specific identity. Printed with the kind support of the German Council of Shopping Centers. “Consumption patterns are changing: from living standard to lifestyle.” The food court of Kassel's City-Point boasts nine outlets. 36 Deutsche EuroShop AG Annual Report 2015

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