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DES GB2015 Englisch - Editorial

DEAR READERS Editorial hopping: The full Experience is the theme of is the theme of this 2015 Annual Report. Our five senses open up a world of experi- ences to us, the full range of which only bricks-and-mortar retailing can deliver, and this can best be enjoyed in its diversity at one of our shopping centers. There are times when all we want is a quick, good-value shop- ping trip. In the main, however, we seek enjoyment, quality of life and entertainment. When buying on- line, there is no chance to examine the changing colours of a beauti- ful blouse in different lights, to hear the laughter of a friend over a coffee, to feel the fine material of a suit, to tuck into a freshly pre- pared salad or to try out a new scent. That only happens in the real world.We experience and en- joy the world by seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling. Throughout this report, we will be sharing some interesting facts and findings about human perception of the senses, reinforced by various real-life effects that will leave readers eager to learn more. We will draw connections between the offline and online worlds, reflecting the current trend towards a greater role for multi-channel distribution. This is increasingly being deployed by our tenants, with significant benefits for customers at our shopping centers. There are plenty of surprises in store! Wilhelm Wellner CEO S Wilhelm Wellner, Spokesman of the Supervisory Board 5 EDITORIAL

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