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Deutsche EuroShop | Conference Call | Preliminary Results 2023

Webcast of the telephone conference including the slide presentation Presenter: Hans-Peter Kneip, CFO 20.03.2024, 10.00 a.m., CET

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STOXX Europe 600 Index

STOXXEffective as of the open of European markets on December 19, 2011, Deutsche EuroShop's shares will be added to the STOXX Europe 600 Index and its respective size and sector indices.


Anlegerstudie 2011 - Informationsanforderungen deutscher Privatanleger

Die Universität Leipzig geht gemeinsam mit der Deutschen Schutzvereinigung für Wertpapierbesitz (DSW), der Schutzgemeinschaft der Kapitalanleger (SdK) und der Deutsche EuroShop der Frage nach, wie deutsche Privatanleger optimal von Unternehmen informiert werden wollen


Comparable numbers for 9M 2011 results – send us your questions

To make your forecasts it may help to have the comparable numbers of 9M 2010. The Excel sheet offers a full usability. You can start with your projections right here!


Trade tax influence on 2011 FFO lower

In our Ad-hoc announcement on 23 August 2011 we expected the necessity to set aside a provision for trade tax risks in the 2011 financial year of around EUR 6.1 million for the 2011 financial year and the preceding years.

In the meantime we have discussed this issue with our auditors and now we have clarity how to handle the risk of a change in the tax treatment of Deutsche EuroShop: The provision for the years 2004-2010 will be formed as a correction for these past seven years against retained earnings as per 31 December 2010. Only the trade tax liability for 2011 will be included in the income statement for the current year.

As a consequence, the once estimated influence on our 2011 FFO (funds from operations) per share will be considerably lower.


Interview with CFO Olaf Borkers (German)

English summary on
Deutsche EuroShop Sees Sales, Profit Rising in 2012, DAF Reports

Die Deutsche Euroshop AG sieht sich weiter auf Wachstumskurs. Gerade wurde mit dem Allee-Center Magdeburg die 19. Beteiligung getätigt. In der Sendung "Vorstandssitzung" des Deutschen Anlegerfernsehens ( sprach Andreas Scholz mit Finanzvorstand Olaf Borkers.

Blick ins TV-Studio: Olaf Borkers (links) DAF-Moderator Andreas Scholz