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Deutsche EuroShop amends proposal to create new authorised capital at the forthcoming Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the shopping center investor Deutsche EuroShop is being held in Hamburg on 17 June 2010. Since the invitation and agenda were published, the company’s discussions with investors have indicated that the theoretically possible dilution linked to the resolution regarding the proposal to create 2010 authorised capital (agenda item 6 b) and c)) is excessive.


The Executive Board and Supervisory Board of Deutsche EuroShop AG regard the creation of new authorised capital of up to 50% of the share capital as an important prerequisite for maintaining the successful, growth-oriented investment strategy. With a view to protecting shareholders, however, the management does acknowledge the warnings about the possibility of dilution if capital is increased against non-cash contributions. For this reason, an amended proposal to create new authorised capital will be put forward at the forthcoming Annual General Meeting. The amended proposal (agenda item 6 b) and c)) would limit the exclusion of subscription rights for capital increases to 20% of the existing share capital both at the time that the authorisation becomes effective and the time that the authorisation is exercised.


Shareholders are advised that the notification concerning the original proposal under agenda item 6 that has already been published in the German electronic Federal Official Gazette is therefore rendered invalid for legal reasons. Should any shareholders wish to issue a new notification concerning the amended proposal, the full wording of which can be viewed on the company’s website at, this must be done in accordance with the procedures laid down in the conditions of participation by no later than midnight on 16 June 2010.

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