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99.5% conversion of the Deutsche EuroShop AG convertible bond

The EUR100 million bond (ISIN DE000A1R0W05) issued by Deutsche EuroShop AG, Hamburg (ISIN DE0007480204), in November 2012 with an interest rate of 1.75% and a right to conversion into shares in Deutsche EuroShop AG has been converted at a final rate of 99.5% into 3,378,598 shares.

The conversion price of the bond has been continually adjusted on the basis of the dividend payments for the 2012 to 2016 financial years in accordance with the bond conditions. The final conversion price was EUR29.45.

As a result of the almost full conversion, the interest claim of creditors for the last interest payment has fallen by EUR870,625.

The total number of shares (= voting rights) in Deutsche EuroShop AG therefore amounts to 61,783,594.

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