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Deutsche EuroShop plans dividend increase and share split

The Executive Board and Supervisory Board of Deutsche EuroShop AG resolved at their meeting today to propose the following, among other things, to the shareholders at the Annual General meeting to be held on 21 June 2007:


  • A dividend increase from EUR 2.00 to EUR 2.10 per share (+5%), to enable shareholders to share directly in the Company’s success in 2006. The aim is for the dividend to amount to at least EUR 2.10 in the coming years as well.
  • A capital increase from capital reserves and a subsequent share split, in order to make the Company’s share capital more manageable. This will serve to reduce the notional value per share from EUR 1.28 to the normal figure of EUR 1.00 and to increase the number of shares in issue. At the same time, it should also increase the liquidity of the shares.

In concrete terms, a proposal will be made to the shareholders to increase the share capital of EUR 21,999,998.72, currently composed of 17,187,499 shares, by EUR 12,374,999.28 to EUR 34,374,998.00 without issuing new shares. Immediately after this, the share capital will be reclassified by performing a 1:2 share split. As a result of the capital increase, the number of shares issued by the Company would increase from 17,187,499 to 34,374,998. It is planned for shareholders to receive one additional bonus share for each regular share in their possession.

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