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From "before market opening" to "after market close"

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To give the financial community more time to analyse our results we plan to switch our interim report publications from "before market opening" to "after market close" in the future.

We will apply this new sequence for the first time on 13 November 2012:
The interim report 9M 2012 will be published after market close.

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Comparable numbers for H1 2012 results

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To make your forecasts it may help to have the comparable numbers of H1 2011.

The Excel sheet offers a full usability. You can start with your projections right here!


New All-Time High

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On Friday 8th June 2012 DES' shares closed on a new all-time high: €30.19

2012 All-time high 


Geschäftsbericht 2011 im Magazin-Stil

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GeschäftsberichtDas Motto unseres Berichts lautet in diesem Jahr „Von Bricks zu Clicks“. Es erwarten Sie „bunte“ Informationen rund um die Themen Shopping und Immobilien sowie in aller Ausführlichkeit die Fakten über unser Geschäftsjahr 2011. Zum ersten Mal haben wir unseren Geschäftsbericht in zwei Teile aufgeteilt: Magazin und Finanzbericht.

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