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Corporate News:

Deutsche EuroShop: Operational growth and non-recurring tax effect provide significant boost to results in first quarter of 2019

Shopping center investor Deutsche EuroShop recorded revenue of 56.2 million in the first three months of the 2019 financial year, up slightly by 0.3 % on the prior-year period. Net operating income (NOI) climbed 1.0 % to 50.6 million, and EBIT 0.6 % to


Corporate News:

Deutsche EuroShop: presentation of the 2018 Annual Report / earnings and dividend forecast for 2019 and 2020

Shopping center investor Deutsche EuroShop AG, Hamburg, today presented the audited results for the 2018 financial year and confirmed the preliminary results published at the end of February.


Corporate News:

Deutsche EuroShop: Positive operating performance preliminary results for 2018 ahead of forecast

Based on preliminary figures, shopping center investment firm Deutsche EuroShop closed financial year 2018 with good operating figures that met or exceeded forecast.


Ad-hoc News:

Deutsche EuroShop: valuation result expected to be -61 million


Corporate News:

Deutsche EuroShop extends mandate of CFO Olaf Borkers

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