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DES GB 11 Magazin en

If a customer perceives a shop to be engaging, the likelihood that they will make a purchase is very high. Now it is time to activate the second “A”. CTION Here you need to guide the customer towards their decision to make a purchase but without creating a feeling of pressure. Well-trained, CTIONA Only those who have rough edges, establish an identity and admit their weaknesses will achieve recognition and, most im- portantly, stand out. If you fit this description as well, then you as a retailer have already achieved a great deal. TIP Mangold, jeans & fashion, Ulm, Germany (An old 1950s petrol pump catches the eye and links to the story of an old filling station) Design & implementation: Gruschwitz GmbH; photos: XL – Photodesign Barbados tunic from Palmers Leather purse from Marc Cain About the author Wolfgang Gruschwitz is the founder and managing director of an inter- national design and implementation agency with its head office in Munich and a subsidi- ary in Moscow. His clients include FC Bayern, Red Bull, Mango and all Inditex Group brands (such as Zara). In 2005, Gruschwitz drew international attention with his design and expansi- on of the brand environment within the Allianz Arena in Munich. Bayern, Red Bull, Mango andBayern, Red Bull, Mango and Wolfgang Gruschwitz service-oriented staff and cleverly structured service packages provide added value. By creating a positive environment, the shop interior can increase decisiveness. Confronted with smiling, happy people, our brain is beguiled into feeling much more positive. Active images of young, successful people speed up customers’ pace and make them demonstrably faster and more active. After making a purchase, customers must be encouraged to come back, so the check- out zone must be not be neglected. This area must be well thought out, positively decorated, and designed in an diverting way, because the customer’s final impression is an important memory. White skinny jeans from s.Oliver Brogue sandal with ankle strap 58 DES Annual Report 2011 THE CENTERS trends of retail design