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KeyCorporateimportant… strategyandmanage-ment as well asproducts,… important important Information requested by private investors 86.9% 81.3% 81.1% 79.7% 77.9% 71.4% 56.2% 55.6% 48.0% 36.4% 32.4% 29.5% 0 20 40 60 80 100 Share price performance Key corporate data (e.g. revenue, profit, investments) General information on the company Products made by the company Quality of management quality/corporate leadership Corporate strategy Ad hoc and corporate news Customer and industrial relationships Corporate culture and industrial relations Sustainability Analysts‘ assessments Corporate governance; n=525; F4: What information would you consider it important to have in relation to your current investments and when deciding whether to buy or sell? Grade the information on a scale from 1 (very important) to 5 (not important at all). The responses “very important” and “important” are grouped together. All information is given as a percentage. © Universität Leipzig 2012, DES Annual Report 2011 109