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on private investorson private investors SPOTLIGHT WWhat requirements do private investors have of public companies? What information do they want, and how do they want it? Where are there shortcomings in companies’ finan- cial communications? These were questions addressed by the University of Leipzig’s Institute of Communication and Media Studies, in conjunction with the Deutsche Schutzvereinigung für Wertpapierbesitz e.V. (DSW), Schutzgemeinschaft der Kapitalan- leger (SdK) – both associations protecting the interests of investors – and Deutsche EuroShop AG. More than 500 private investors were questioned about how they use information and their informa- tion needs in an online survey. The findings of the 2012 investor survey open up options for com- munication with this key target group. Private investors seek out infor- mation both offline and online. Companies need to use both Private investors characteristically have a long-term interest in companies and canbring stability even at times of crisis. Care- fully targeted communication based around specific needs and information demandscan play a significant role in developing the investor relationship. The results of the 2012 investor study show clearly that a great deal of trust is placed in the information provided by companies, and there is strong demand for this. Private investors seek out infor-Private investors seek out infor- mation both offline and online.mation both offline and online. Classical chronograph from s.Oliver Business suit from ESPRIT Summer scarf from C&A Dynamic sunglasses from s.Oliver Lace-up shoe with contrasting sole from s.Oliver DES Annual Report 2011 107