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Dear Mr F., Many thanks for your postcard and for the points you raised. Our financial calendar is always available in an up-to-date form on our website at For this reason, we considered it acceptable to use it as the reverse of the reply coupon. If you wish, we would of course be happy to send you an undamaged copy of the calendar at any time. Over recent years we have managed to reduce the scale of the printed version of our Annual Report quite conside- rably, not least by means of a full version provided online on our website for shareholders and interested parties. The printed version of our Annual Report also bears the FSC seal, which indicates that the paper used comes from responsibly managed forests and has not been combined with any uncertified wood or paper on its way along the entire processing chain before reaching your hands. Pro- ducts bearing this seal ensure that forests are managed in accordance with the social, economic and environmen- tal needs of current and future generations. We have also received confirmation from the climate protection con- sultancy ClimatePartner that all CO2 emissions generated in the production of this report have been offset by CO2 emission certificates. Dear Mr Böge, It is a shame that the Annual General Meetings are now held in Hamburg instead of Frankfurt, so we do not have the opportunity to meet in person. However, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on the outstanding design of the 2010 Annual Report. Packed with ideas and very forward-looking – and with the figures set out wonderfully, of course – the Annual Report is unparalleled. Once again, I congratulate you on this and the excellent figures. Hopefully I will manage to come to Hamburg some time for the Annual General Meeting. Maximilian L., Frankfurt* Dear Sir/Madam,I was very happy to receive your good wi- shes on the occasion of my 90th birthday, and I would like to thank you for this. Let us hope that the company continues to remain true to the stock market saying “When dividends are good, all is good”. Rainer B., Mainz* * = Name altered by the editorial team Dear employeesWhy has the reply coupon on page 151 of the 2010 Annual Report been attached in such a ridiculous way? If you cut out the coupon, you destroy the calendar on page 152. One other point that I wanted to make: if we are going to talk so much about sustainability (from page 38 onwards), I wonder why this Annual Report is so unsustainable? Ralf F., Trebur* 2011Readers’ Dear employees Dear employeesWhy has the reply coupon on page 151 of the Readers’ LETTERS 120 DES Annual Report 2011 SERVICE readers’ letters