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Reptiles in Passau A glimpse into the heart of a spider‘s nest. Veno-mous reptiles in the middle of the mall. These andmany other things were featured at the Terra Faunaexhibition, which made a guest appearance at theStadt-Galerie Passau at the beginning of July 2011.Visitors had a chance to see the creatures up closethrough the walls of seven glass cases. Many schoolclasses from the region took the opportunity to maketheir biology lessons a little different, and individualtours were provided for this purpose. The child-ren were even allowed to touch some exhibits – aunique experience for many of them. A photographicmemento with a real snake is sure to have producedsome astonished faces at home! An unforgettable experience – touching snakes at Stadt- Galerie, Passau Summertime fun in Pécs In summer 2011, the Árkád Pécs was once again transformed intoa real paradise for children and younsters: the large rotunda hadsomething for everyone, from traditional games such as chessand nine men’s morris through to modern alternatives such aselectronic games consoles and Lego. An American Indian villageand a pirate ship provided fun and entertainment. There was a lotof craftwork, fishing and even more jumping, as the real highlightwas a giant bouncy castle in the centre of the play area. Due to thehugely successful response, the activities were extended: the badweather in July and the difficult economic situation in Hungary atthe time meant that visits to the center were a kind of substitutesummer holiday for many families. The highlight of the special event – the big inflatable castle in the center of the play area in the centersin the centersACTIVITIES in the centersin the centers 2011 46 DES Annual Report 2011 THE CENTERS center-activities