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DES GB 11 Magazin en

the main train station are in the immediate vicinity of our shopping center. Our facilities outside the city centers are primarily visited by people driving cars and are each in easily- accessible locations along motorways. Each of our properties is equipped with a suf- ficient number of parking spaces to guarantee customers‘ maximum convenience. In city centers, parking spaces are offered at low pri- ces. At locations outside city limits, visitors can choose from a large number of parking spaces at no charge. Of course spaces for disa- bled people and women are also offered. QUALITY WITHOUT ANY COMPROMISES Each of our 19 centers is unique. The tenant structure is always the result of an intense process aimed specifically at supplementing the offerings of the city center in question. We want to work together with neighbouring merchants to increase the appeal of city cen- ters to benefit the entire city. That also means that center managers participate actively in city marketing and even initiate it. Our focus is always on working with others in a spirit of fairness and partnership. The architecture of each property is specifi- cally designed to meet the demands of the location. And of course the functionality of such a complex building must be guaranteed. We value both the facility‘s integration into the urban landscape as well as its architectu- ral design. Whenever possible, historical buil- dings can also be incorporated into the center and preserved. This was the case with the listed Intecta building, for example, which now forms an integral part of the Altmarkt- Galerie in Dresden and represents a particu- larly impressive example of an amalgamation of old and new. The high demands we place on our properties also apply to the interior: There our objective is to offer visitors, customers and the emplo- yees of our tenants an enjoyable shopping Domestic International Total Leasable space in m² 751,200 153,700 904,900 No. of shops 1,770 543 2,313 Occupancy rate* 99% 98% 99% Inhabitants in catchmentarea in millions 12.9 3.5 16.4 No. of centers 15 4 19 A10 Center,Wildau / Berlin A10 Center,Wildau / Berlin DES Annual Report 2011 31