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CALENDAR OF EVENTS OF THE MAIN-TAUNUS-ZENTRUM FOR 2014: 02.–04.01: Worlds of Ice 14.02.: Valentine’s Day 01.–03.03.: Carnival 28.–29.03.: Spring-Summer 03.–19.04.: Easter 26.06.–05.07.: Puzzling & Riddling 10.06.–16.08.: Holiday Games 21.–30.08.: The Beatles 04.–20.09.: 50 Years MTZ 02.–11.10.: Fashion Star 24.11.–24.12.: Christmas The retail concept of the Frankfurt/Rhine-Main Regional Association stipulates that no additional retail space is to be created “on greenfield sites”. But policy guidelines are not meant to last forever… And there is every reason to believe that the MTZ will continue its successful development. Some 2.2 million people live inside its catchment area, and the Rhine-Main area is the only region of Hesse that is predicted to keep on growing for some time to come. The Main-Taunus dis- trict in which the MTZ lies has the fourth-highest spend- ing power of all the German administrative districts, while the neighbouring Hochtaunus district actually has the second-highest income per capita. The location right on the outskirts of Frankfurt, visible from the busy A66 motorway, would be even better if plans could be real- ised to build a suburban rail station alongside the MTZ. 50The retail concept of the FraThe retail concept of the Fra Association stipulates that nAssociation stipulates that n be created “on greenfield sitbe created “on greenfield sit not meant to last forever…not meant to last forever… o believe that the MTZ willhe MTZ will elopment. Some 2.2 million2.2 million ent area, and the Rhine-Mainent area, and the Rhine-Main sse that is predicted to keepsse that is predicted to keep come. The Main-Taunus dis-come. The Main-Taunus dis- Above: Celebrities can be seen from time to time at the Main-Taunus-Zentrum – here is Heino, a German singer, in his early years Left side: The fountain with the penguins was a central meeting point at MTZ for decades, and many still remember it fondly. DEUTSCHEEUROSHOPANNUALREPORT2013/THECENTERS 072

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