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A A A A A Other In-store research/ online purchase Online research/ in-store purchase Online only In-store only Furniture and household goods DIY/home improvement Toys Average Electronics Electrical appliances Books, music, films and video games Sports equipment/ outdoor Multi-channel shopping behaviour – from research to purchases (in %) The considerable online penetration in indi- vidual sectors is not necessarily a death sen- tence for bricks and mortar stores, however. Physical stores have their place even in the digital world – or maybe even especially in the digital world. The majority of consumers vis- it shops mainly to buy everyday products, such as food, toiletries and cosmetics, DIY supplies and household goods. However, physical shopping also chimes into the emo- tive side of shopping: the opportunity to see, touch and try on products or to make sponta- neous purchases. Aspects such as these mean that the attraction of the experience of shopping in city centers and flourishing centrally located shopping centers will not diminish. Stores of the future will look different, however, and will serve a new function: they will have smaller sales floors and product ranges and become one of many points of customer contact in an integrated multi-channel business model. Physical stores can act as interactive experiences and show- rooms or as pick-up points for products ordered online – or indeed both at once. What is important is that they meet the expectations of digital consumers, who have almost unlimited information and shop- ping opportunities at their fingertips via their smartphones. Food and drink Healthcare and beauty (cosmetics) Jewellery and watchesClothing and footwear 16 61 20 2 1 27 36 48 39 42 30 54 39 73 54 12 43 43 27 41 36 53 26 41 11 28 78 22 14 19 14 15 10 15 151314 7 5 3 5 4 4 3 3 33 21 2 4 2 2 2 3 32 212 DEUTSCHEEUROSHOPANNUALREPORT2013/SHOPPING 038

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