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DES GB2013 E

DEUTSCHEEUROSHOPANNUALREPORT2013/CONSOLIDATEDFINANCIALSTATEMENTS 186 Dr. Bernd Thiemann, Münster Management consultant a) Deutsche Pfandbriefbank AG, Unterschleißheim (Chairman) VHV Lebensversicherung AG, Hanover Hypo Real Estate Holding AG, Unterschleissheim (Chairman) VHV Vereinigte Hannoversche Versicherung a.G., Hanover Wave Management AG, Hamburg (Deputy Chairman) IVG Immobilien AG, Bonn M.M. Warburg&Co. KG aA, Hamburg (Deputy Chairman) Hannoversche Direktversicherungs AG, Hanover b) Würth Gruppe, Künzelsau (Deputy Chairman) Würth Finance International B.V., Amsterdam EXECUTIVE BOARD Claus-Matthias Böge, Hamburg Executive Board Spokesman a) Douglas Holding AG, Hagen/Westphalia (until 28.05.2013) Bijou Brigitte modische Accessoires AG, Hamburg (Deputy Chairman) (since 25.06.2013) Olaf G. Borkers, Hamburg Member of the Executive Board The remuneration of the members of the Supervisory Board totalled €312 thousand in the period under review (pre- vious year: €265 thousand). The remuneration of the Executive Board totalled €1,237 thousand (previous year: €1,193 thousand), including per- formance-related remuneration of €677 thousand (previous year: €650 thousand). This remuneration is due on a short- term basis. €306 thousand (previous year: €305 thousand) was allocated to the provision for the Executive Board’s long-term incentive plan (LTI). Accrued interest was €19 thousand. For further details, please see the supplementary disclosures on remuneration in the management report. CORPORATE GOVERNANCE The Declaration of Conformity with the German Corporate Governance Code required by section 161 of the Aktien- gesetz (AktG – German Public Companies Act) has been issued jointly by the Supervisory Board and the Executive Board, and was made available to shareholders via publication on the Internet in November 2013.

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