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MANUEL JAHN, Head of Consulting, GfK GeoMarketing “A fixie single-speed from a Dusseldorf-based bike manufacturer. For weeks, I scoured bike shops in Hamburg looking for a bike shop that could create a bike based on my specs. The only re- sponse I heard was no. I had always been a committed offline customer but now I was thrust into the maelstrom of the World Wide Web against my will. A well-designed website and a clever bike configurator quickly made my wish come true. A brief dis- cussion among my network of friends – and the click to place to order was just a minor detail. Am I just another grave-digger contributing to the death of the retail store? No way. But I am con- vinced that competition stimulates business! Instead of DHL, I set off from Hamburg to Dusseldorf to take my pride and joy into possession in person in the workshop. Incidentally, the visit to the manufacturer was a true shopping experience: all-in-one workroom, shop and gallery. I took the opportunity to buy handle- bars for my second bike on the spot.” ROLF BÜRKL, Senior Research Consultant Business & Technology, GfK “At the end of last year, I bought trainers rumoured to work miracles from a sport- ing goods manufacturer in Herzogen- aurach. Apparently they make you faster and you don’t tire out as quickly. These shoes should help me come in under the four-hour limit at my marathon in Vienna in April.” RAIMUND ELLROTT, Member of the Management Board, GMA Gesellschaft für Markt- und Absatzforschung “One of the best experiences of 2013 was the Bruce Springsteen concert in the AWD Arena in Hannover at the end of May 2013 which I had bought tickets for together with friends. A 3½ hour concert, great songs and a lead singer who shows impressive stamina at the age of 64.” DEUTSCHEEUROSHOPANNUALREPORT2013/SHOPPING 034

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