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DES GB 11 Finanzbericht englisch

5. Investments in equity-accounted associates Investments in equity-accounted associates in € thousand 2011 2010 Carrying amount at 1 January 2010 4,094 3,532 Deposits/withdrawals 150 1,155 Share of profit/loss 177 -471 Value increases 93 0 Value decreases 0 -122 Carrying amount at 31 December 4,514 4,094 The presentation of changes in equity-accounted associates has changed for both the previous and the reporting year. The changes relate to deposits made and shares in the profits/losses of smaller property companies that are not of material significance from a Group perspective. 6. Other non-current assets in € thousand 31.12.2011 31.12.2010 Other non-current assets 459 605 This item consists mainly of the present value of a non-current receivable of € 422 thousand (previous year: € 585 thousand) for our Polish prop- erty company. The company will have annual cash inflows of € 207 thousand until 2016. 7. Trade receivables in € thousand 31.12.2011 31.12.2010 Trade receivables 6,617 4,534 Allowances for doubtful accounts -1,011 -1,053 5,606 3,481 Receivables result primarily from rental invoices and services in relation to investments for which charges are passed on. These were predominantly paid at the time the consolidated financial statements were prepared. The amounts recognised at the reporting date are protected by means of guarantees, cash security deposits and letters of comfort. 44 DES Annual Report 2011 CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS  notes to the consolidated balance sheet – assets