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DES GB 11 Finanzbericht englisch

8. othEr liaBilitiEs Other liabilities are recognised at amortised cost. 9. cash and cash EquivalEnts Cash and cash equivalents include cash and bank balances (terms of up to three months) at their principal amounts. dEFErrEd taxEs In accordance with IAS 12, deferred taxes are recognised for all differences between the tax accounts and the IFRS balance sheet, using the cur- rently enacted tax rate. Currently, deferred taxes are primarily formed on the differences between the IFRS carrying amounts of the properties and their carrying amounts for tax purposes. A uniform corporation tax rate of 15% plus the solidarity surcharge of 5.5% was used for German companies, and a rate of 16.45% for trade tax. The respective local tax rates were applied for foreign companies. In accordance with IAS 12.74, deferred tax assets on existing loss carryforwards are offset against deferred tax liabilities. othEr provisions Under IFRS, other provisions may only be recognised if a present obligation exists towards a third party and payment is more likely than not. Non-current provisions are discounted. NOTES TO ThE CONSOLIDATED BALANCE ShEET – ASSETS 1. intangiBlE assEts concessions, industrial and similar rights and licences in such rights and assets in € thousand 2011 2010 Costs as at 1 January 62 48 Additions 2 14 as at 31 December 64 62 Depreciation as at 1 January -33 -24 Additions -11 -9 as at 31 December -44 -33 Carrying amount at 1 January 29 24 Carrying amount at 31 December 20 29 This item consists mainly of software licences. DES Annual Report 2011 41 ConSoLIDAteD FInAnCIAL StAteMentS notes to the consolidated balance sheet – assets