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Nine-month report 2013 DES Nine-month report 2013 { 4 } The Shopping Center Share Deutsche EuroShop shares ended 2012 at a closing price of € 31.64. 2013 initially brought a slight decline however they later stabilised within a corridor of between € 31.00 and € 31.80. Following a gain in mid-April, DES shares rose to prices in excess of € 33.00 over the course of May. They reached € 34.48 on 20 May 2013, their high for the period and also a new all-time high for our shares. This was fol- lowed by a downward trend which culminated in a price of € 29.45 on 24 June, the lowest level for the period. The price stabilised between € 30.00 and € 32.70 by the end of the reporting period and was at € 32.03 on 30 September 2013. Taking into account the dividend of € 1.20 per share paid on 21 June 2013, this corresponds to a perfor- mance of 5.0% in the first nine months of the year. During this same period, the MDAX rose by 26.2% and the EPRA index of European real estate companies increased by 6.4%. Deutsche EuroShop’s market capitalisation stood at € 1.73 billion at the end of the third quarter. Investors Day and conferences On 22 and 23 August we organised our biannual “Deutsche EuroShop Real Estate Summer” event for analysts and institutional investors – this time in Klagenfurt. The programme included not only a tour of City-Arkaden and the competitive environment but also various spe- cialist presentations on topics such as the “Measurement of shopping center properties” or the “Future of retailing”. We also held various individual and group meetings at conferences in Munich and New York. Awards for our reports Deutsche EuroShop’s Annual Report 2012, prepared under the motto “Hamburg3 ”, won additional awards including bronze in the Euro- pean Public Real Estate Association’s “EPRA 2013 Annual Report Sur- vey” as well as one honorary and one silver award from the “2013 Inter- national ARC Awards” competition for the world’s best annual reports. If you are interested in receiving a printed copy of our annual report, please send an e-mail to Coverage A total of 25 financial analysts from various institutions assess Deutsche EuroShop’s business performance. They publish reports with investment recommendations concerning the Company on a regular basis. The majority of analysts' opinions is currently neutral (16), with seven adopting a positive position and two issuing nega- tive opinions (as at 4 November 2013). A list of analysts and current reports can be found on our website at Analysts Number Sell Below ­average Hold Above ­average Buy 0 5 10 15 20 0 5 10 15 2020 15 10 5 0 Deutsche EuroShop vs. MDAX and EPRA Comparison, January to October 2013 (indexed, base of 100, in %) MDAX EPRADeutsche EuroShop Jan MarFeb Apr May Jun Jul NovAug Sep Oct 95 105 115 125 135 95 105 115 125 135 135 130 125 120 115 110 105 100 95